Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves for COVID-19


Summary of Nitrile Gloves Specification



Powder Free

Nitrile Material

For Medical/General Purpose

Summary of Product

Product : Non-Sterile Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

HS Code : 4015.19.0000

Quality Standards : ISO, CEO, FDA, FDA 510K, EN, GMP

Packing : 100 pieces/Inner Box,   10 Box (1,000 pieces) /Carton 


Box Size : Inner Box 230 x 125 x 75 mm,   Carton  340 x 250 x 240 mm 

Container Loading :  20ft ; 1,000 Carton (1,000,000 pieces)

                                  40ft ; 2,500 Carton (2,500,000 pieces)

Dimension  :    Small          ; Palm Width/83mm,   Length/280mm

                        Medium      ; Palm Width/89,        Length/280

                        Large          ; Palm Width/95,       Length/280

                        Extra Large ; Palm Width/102,     Length/280

Thickness : 0.10mm

Production Capacity :  700,000,000 pieces/Day

Payment Terms : Letter of Credit

Price : US$ 6.50 ~       (Depends on Production/Stock,  Payment terms (LC/TT), Quantity (Small/Large))


           * Our price is COMPETITIVE thanks to We receive weekly price from Factory/T1 in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia

FDA 510K.jpg

How to order

1. Check your application 

    - In case of medical Purpose, You should need FDA 510K Quality Standard

    - In case of general purpose, You do not need FDA 510K Quality Standard which need high cost

2. Check when you need

    - If You need right away, you need to buy from Stock which need high price (OTG, On The Ground)

    - If you need 1 month later, you need to buy Production which is lower price (Pre-Order)

3. Check how you will pay

    - You can pay by Letter of credit only, We do not accept TT for mutual safe transaction.

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