Cellular Voice Encryption

Cellular Voice Encryption  (CVE)

FSM-U1, You&Me 2010



 CVE is stands for Cellular Voice Encryption  which is a tiny and compact secured ear set .


 We developed Security Algorithm for this CVE


      How this CVE  works ?.


      CVE Sends your voice signal after encryption to your receiver,

      The receiver in other party's CVE listening your voice after decryption.

      All process are done automatically,  No action required !!!.


Why CVE is requiring

It can be used to encrypt calls made to any voices phones (analog, digital, cellular, satellite, Radio, etc).


It provides a ultra-grade secure voice encryption.


It designed for anyone with a need to have their private communications to be sent over cellular in complete privacy.


Design for use by Government, Military, Business and Private individual to communicate confidential communication in an encrypted mode.


For Governmental VIP's communication

For Business men's communication

Applications in 2 Different ways

To Cellular Phones

For VIP Security Personnel's communication

For Military's communication

To WalkyTalky

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