Eco Crank Generator

EcoCrankGen (Eco Crank Generator)



It supplies electrical power to belows facilities under emergency circumstance

This EcoCrankGen for Portable Emergency Electric Power Source  is the ideal
human powered product to own for surviving a power outage or no power available region.

This generator makes up to 1,200 watts of power by spinning a hand crank.

It's portable, light weight, compact size and easy to carry.

Perfect for both Military and Commercial, such as camping, hiking, boating, survival situations,
emergency power for lighting, heating, cell phones, cameras, tv's, radios, medical devices.

Keep one in your Military base, house, shop, truck, car or emergency shelter.

Made with a high efficiency and durable 1,200 watt permanent magnet generator.

It will never wear out.

You will never power out.

How to use

Normal situation

  Charged by AC/DC power in your home or vehicle for Stand by

Emergency situation

  Initial 18 hours – Use Charged power from this unit                
  After 18 hours – Charging by Hand crank and use again



   Electric power supply for Radio Communication or Radio jammers as back up battery  
   Emergency Electric power supply for Lights in Base or Remote Check point

   Emergency Electric power supply for Heating in field tent

   Electric power supply for Starting of Vehicles (Truck, Jeep, Tank) as  back up battery



   Emergency Electric power supply for Light and Heat in Refuge tents

   Emergency Electric power supply for Disasters (War, Earthquake, Blackout, Whiteout,

      Fire, Flood, Tsunami, Tornado, Hurricane, Terrorist Threats)



   Emergency Electric power supply for Houses, Schools, Shops

   Emergency Electric power supply for street shops

   Electric power supply for Outdoors (Camping, Fishing, Hiking)

Specification  (Model : KSM-1001 for Military)

01.Power Rated

     108~1,200w, Max/108~1,800w


02.Current Rated

     1~100A, Max/1~110A


03.Output Voltage

     DC12V / 9A : 4 Outlets
     DC5V /1A : 1 Outlet
     USB DC5V /500mA : 2 Outlets


04.Charging time by 3 Ways to Charging

     1 Hour By AC 110~ 230V

     1 Hour By DC from car cigar jack

     2 Hours By Hand Cranking


05.Operation Hours

     LED Light (10W) : 22 hours

     Radio (500mW) : 84 hours

     Portable TV (16W) : 13 hours

     Cellphone (600mA) : 70 hours



    Power On LED (White)

    Charging LED (Red)

    Voltmeter – Digital

    Power Meter – 10 Levels (Red)


07.Working temperature

    -40°C ~ 60°C


08.Case  Material

     Steel or Reinforced Plastic






     Current over-load and over-heating protection



     300 x 200 x 120 mm,  9.3 kg

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