Wind Generator

Win-Gen (Wind Generator)



This is practical wind powered product to have electrical power in no power available region such as Remote Checkpoints.


This generator makes up to 3KWatts of power a day by Patented Symmetrical Airfoil blades rotating.


It is Portable, light weight, compact size and easy to carry.


Perfect for both Military and Commercial.


It suppliesElectrical power for Radio/Equipments/Cellphones charging, Light, Heating and Cooling in Checkpoint, Base, camping, hiking, boating and survival situations.

It will never wear out.

You will never power out.

What is the difference

Rate wind speed is just 9 m/s comparing competitor's 12m/s.

No tail is required thanks to wind flows thru Nacelle

The pitch (Angle of Blades) has automatic variable capacity depends on speed of cut-in wind.   It is PATENTED.


Under low speed wind,

the pitch is being switched to make

wide blades surface.


Under high speed wind

the pitch is being switched to make

narrow blades surface 

How to use

Step 1. Install Tower for portable Wind Genrator


Step 2. Assemble portable Wind Generator into top of Tower


Step 3. Connect output power into Controller


Step 4. Connect Controller into Chargeable battery


Step 5. Use Electricity from Charged battery



   Electric power supply for Radio Communication or Radio jammers as back up battery  
   Emergency Electric power supply for Lights in Base or Remote Check point

   Emergency Electric power supply for Heating in field tent

   Electric power supply for Starting of Vehicles (Truck, Jeep, Tank) as  back up battery



   Emergency Electric power supply for Light and Heat in Refuge tents

   Emergency Electric power supply for Disasters (War, Earthquake, Blackout, Whiteout,

      Fire, Flood, Tsunami, Tornado, Hurricane, Terrorist Threats)



   Emergency Electric power supply for Houses, Schools, Shops

   Emergency Electric power supply for street shops

   Electric power supply for Outdoors (Camping, Fishing, Hiking)

Specification  (Model : WG-2015-CP  for Military)


Machine Type : Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Type of Generator : Permanent 3 phase AC


Rated Rotor Speed : 1,000 rpm
Rated Wind Speed : 9 m/s (meters/second)
Rated Output : 0.5KW   

Rated Voltage : AC 75V
Min. Power : 4.6W at 2 m/s
Max. Power : 560W at 12 m/s


* 1.2KW available a day under average 3m/s

* 3KW Version is available



Start up Speed : 1 m/s 

Cut-In Speed : 2 m/s     (Start Generating)
Cut-Out Speed : 20 m/s   (Stop Generating) 

Limit Speed : 50 m/s



Numbers : x4

Material : FRP or SMC

Diameter : 2.2 meter






Type : Stainless Steel

Suggested Height : 6 meters

Connection : Flange



Storage Battery capacity : 12/24V, 100/200A

Noise level : 50 db

Working temperature : -25 ~ +65°C



Military Remote Check points


Emergency housing

Complete Set  in a Portable Transport Case (included)

- x1 Generator

- x4 Blades

- x1 Controller

       (Pitch, EMS, Charging)

Others (Not included)

- x1 Tower

- x3 Cables

- x1 Battery 

- x1 Inverter  (If you need AC)

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