Portable X-Ray Detector

Portable X-Ray Detector



This Portable X-Ray Detector,

thanks to light weight and Quick Scan Speed,


it quickly shows you clear image of suspicious object  which can be used for Bomb or

RCIED (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosives Devices) during Military/Police


/Civilian Anti bomb operation.



(a)  Portable X-Ray Detector  for Metal/Steel, Brick wall, Leather, etc.


(b)  IP (Image Plate) film & Cassette


(c)  Operating temperature : -5 °C ~ 50°C


(d)  Initial set up time : 10 seconds


(e)  Mount/Rack : Adaptable for ROV/Jeep/Truck/Car


(f)  Detail Specification by Major components


     #1 X-Ray Generator


         1.Available model of Golden Engineering Inc.: XR150, XR200, XRS3

         2.Minimum Energy : 150 kVp (XR150, XR200),  270 kVp (XRS3)

         3.Steel penetration capacity : 15mm (XR150,XR200), 26mm (XRS3)

         4.Continuous operation time with Battery  : 4 hours/150 images

         5.Pulsed type, no compressed of environmentally damaging gases

         6.Weight :  2.1 kg (XR150), 5.5 kg (XR200),  5.7 kg (XRS3)

         7.Operational power : DC 12V Battery pack

     #2 Image Plate

         1.System imaging/active area : Selectable by 10”x12” or 14”x17”

         2.Archiving, Scan & Delete  ability : Semi-permanent

     #3 Scanner

         1.LASER : EN 60825-1:2014 (Class 1), Booting within 10 seconds

         2.Scan & Delete : More than 1,000 times

         3.Scan speed : 15 Seconds (10”x12”),  18 Seconds (14”x17”)

         4.Transmission  by cable or wireless within 5 seconds

         5.Continuous operation time with Battery  : 4 hours/150 images

         6.Weight  :  21 kg,     Dimension : L450 x W400 x H250 mm

         7.Operational power : AC 110~230V or DC 24V  Battery pack

     #4 Software, Laptop

        1.Screen : 15”,  OS : WIN 7 or above,  CPU : i5 or better

        2.RAM : 4GB,   HDD : 500G

        3.Software/Program : Bombiew (Touch screen based)

        4.Analysis  & Features : Zoom, Reverse, Pan, Distance measurement,

           Stitching, Merging (more than 9 images), Note, Deep focus,

           Histogram, Material separation  and Printing ability

Major Components and How to work

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